Friday, March 25, 2005

How much would you give to a street guitarist?

Lately I came across with many street guitar player, strumming and singing along in restaurants and sidewalks in my neighbourhood. Last night while celebrating my friend's birthday in a typical Chinese restaurant, we unashamedly requested the guitarist to play the 'Happy Birthday' song, he sang it twice.

How much do you think we should give him? If we're Malaysians, what's average sum people would give for street musician or entertainer that stood there and sang for the crowd for the whole duration of your meal?

Will street musicians become popular in Malaysia where they'll be more appreciated by the people? :P Hmm.. just wondering.


Nee Sern said...

In a country where graduates shun unconventional jobs, not much importance or respect is given to the average street performer. Some may even treat them as "lowly beggars"

I don't know how much I'll give him. But if I came across such a situation, I'll definitely let you know.

Anonymous said...

I paid rm2 b4.