Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday long lunch break

The interesting part about being in a multiracial work place is how I can gradually get to know about people from the other race. But I'm not suppose to let anyone know why F didn't went for his Friday prayer. His excuse was - no teman. Doh.. so anyway, here's what I've discovered during our long Friday lunch. The conversation goes something like this: -

me : so how many siblings you have?
F : I have one sister and one brother.
me : they're older than you right?!
.. blah blah..
F : My brother is 34 years old and not married.
me : Why not?! Isn't that too old to remain single for a Malay?
F : Well.. actually he almost got married. Remember the last election? was it 1998 or 1999?
me : 1999.
F : Yeah.. that time, got election, you know lah.. my brother and my family all Umno, but the girl is Pas!
me : So?
F : So different lah... didn't marry.


and I rolled my eyes, wondering to myself... wah so if I wanna find a man to marry must find somebody of the same political ideology?!


Lunch ended so late, because the akah who prepared my food took soooooooo long. Sigh.

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Nee Sern said...

This is how pathetically screwed up our country's political scenario became.

We are not only divided racially, but even within the Malay race there is friction! All because of different political ideologies?

It looks like the BN is way far from uniting the People.