Thursday, March 24, 2005

Is it me?

Dear Salim,

So i got this letter in my mailbox last weekend from Deloitte =( that doesn't look good, u know ppl only send u reject letter thru the conventional mailbox!! aaaaarrrhh... nevermind, but it looks like I've lost all opportunity to join analyst / consulting in all the big 4.

The hot topic now is why are there so many jobless graduates around? Sometimes I seriously wonder, is it my problem? If so, what cause me to be 'unemployable'? Isit becos I have too high expectation of myself? But who was it that pushed me to have high aim and ambition since young? Is the government, industry or real-world implying that it is wrong to be picky or choosy or have high hope?

Of course, I guess the best person to win it all is one who is adaptable to changes, I wouldn't blame it all on myself, just that I felt unjustified that the real-world / government / industry are not being held at all guilty or answerable to the very least, to the problem of supply exceeding demand. morning crew and all the listeners called in to add salt to the wound, nobody is really giving justifiable solution.

A caller said she's got a good job, becos she got foreign degree and can present better than local grads. Then she shudder to think about the fact that her office clerk holds a science degree and she know of many graduates doing only charity work. That is problem statement again!

After whining all that, my underlying concern is myself - where did I go wrong? I can write and speak english better than most of my local grad comrades with a recognised degree. From what I see, its really the "way" to self presentation which might hold the key to graduates failing job interviews. English is not the issue, and what is the "way"? I can never see how others presented in their interview. I will always be wondering what the hell did I do wrong, why in the world did they call me up for interview and ask so many questions and in the end turn you down?

I just could not help but wonder if it's wrong to just be myself?

Update on the UNDP job, it is just an admin post. Doing reports, letters, write up etc. So mundane, which is what I'm actually good at. Is that it? Settle for less challenging job although suitable for my competency? Whatever happen to the notion of 'challenging' oneself to reach higher?!

I think in the end of my life, I could write a book about my grueling encounters with umpteen job interviews. Enough of crapping. Industry could really make or break me. It can actually demotivate my high spirit!

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sojai said...

good luck on ur next interview

the fact is, the country is demanding foreign worker more than local. the only way out is to be a boss here and start hiring foreign worker.

our university is not a place to gain knowledge, they are just politician tools to gain more supporter.