Saturday, December 15, 2007

Philosophy Politics Economics: V Ganabathirau

Philosophy Politics Economics: V Ganabathirau

"My eyes were moist as I wrote this post" ~ Tony Pua

I just wanted to say my eyes were moist as I read this post.

Here's a really cool comment grabbed from Tony Pua's blog by anon --

We must be united together to vote BN out. It will be just waste of time to write long paragraphs to attack back one stupid idoit who dont use his brain to analyze.

We will loose him anyway. But try to put the words to strongly send the message to all our friends whether bumi or non-bumi, we need a change in the present government and make and decide a rapid change to deny 2/3 majority in the highest chamber that’s the Parliament.

Our rights as a citizen is drawn down in our federal constitution. So in order to get back the rights we need more opposition MPs in the Parliament. So work on this element and excel deeper to inform all our friends that we vote for the opposition if you want to gain back all your rights and freedom.

I wish to send regrets and sympathy to the 5 great hero’s who have been detained under the most draconian law ISA. No 5 for the Hindus means great victory. All of us are going to see how well the No 5 is going to work from yesterday for our great intellectual persons.

The ballot is in our hands at the coming GE to decide the next government. So from the various incidents which happened to our fellow Malaysians by now everyones will agree that we need major and rapid change.

So cast your vote for the opposition parties (DAP,PRK,PAS) and give them the opportunity after 50 years to deny the 2/3 majority in the Parliament.

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Nee Sern said...

Can this be a reality?