Friday, November 09, 2007

I joined the DAP Fund Raising dinner!

Guess what! It's the first time I went for a DAP dinner it was a fund raising event, with the theme "Petaling Jaya -- leading Malaysia forward". And I didn't bother to understand the theme, but there's a reason behind why the organisers themed it in such a way...

At this dinner I had the chance to listen to Fong Po Kuan, Tony Pua, Lau Weng San, Dr. Cheah and to Lim Guan Eng. I can understand Tony Pua's speech better and I felt Fong Po Kuan's fiery passion in her speech ~ very charismatic. No comment on Lau and Dr. Cheah... but Lim Guan Eng spoke like a pro "politician". I mean I don't get connected to his way of insulting people and talk so proudly and loudly. Hello? Talking to a humble pleasant crowd of Petaling Jaya citizens?! I dunno, I just didn't feel inspired by his talk although he could speak so effortlessly like he's done this propoganda talk many times!

Tony Pua explained that it is in PJ that the people have the highest per capita income, more educated and reads more... so if people truly want change for the nation, if the change can start with people from Petaling Jaya, then it make more sense for the whole country to follow suit with PJ leading the way.

All in all... hope to see a strong fight for Petaling Jaya, it's just not fun to have parliamentary representatives for a huge Petaling Jaya population who don't voice out much in the parliament. Goodluck for a change in Malaysia!