Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tunku...the musical

I just have to find the time to pen this down, before the memory slips away. The memory of having the one opportunity to catch Tunku -- The Musical, for free courtesy of YTLcommunity. I'd actually wished to go get the tickets to watch it with sayang, but he said 'save money' so we didn't buy the tickets. Later, free tickets were given out by YTLcommunity, and sayang quickly register before the shows went full house.

I'm so grateful for this chance to be part of this oh-my-im-so-overwhelmed-by musical production directed by Joe Hasham, husband of Dato' Faridah Merican. I can't even tell what race they both belong to, but that's the case of the musical story -- the dream of all Malaysians being blind, colour-blind!

I first shed tears listening to the most impeccable light-hearted original score "Laksa", when all the performers dressed in respective cultural costume, praising their own laksa dish as the best. I was entralled and dumbfounded. The Malay laksa stall owner claimed that laksa is a Malay dish (dancing & singing to the Malay tune) and then the Chinese lady sung in Hokkien claiming the laksa is a Chinese dish. I just felt the instantaneous euphoria in my heart... I can't explain how I could cry. I love asam laksa. Wether its nyonya laksa, penang laksa, PJ laksa or Taiping laksa. When I worked alongside the government Malay staffs, I learnt about the difference btwn Kelantan laksa and johor laksa. There are just so many types of laksa, and even my grandma's laksa is different from my grandaunt's laksa. And I loved all of them. It never even occured to me, wether Laksa is a Malay or chinese dish. The music of Laksa together with the dance, melody and lyrics, captivated the essense of a true blue Malaysian culture -- beauty in diversity.

I really felt that the song had for a moment, binded all Malaysians into one, the Malaysian Malaysia. Reminiscence of my kolej uni days during the 1998 World Cup fever, I was sitting alongside a bunch of Malay girls, sharing some snacks watching football on tv in the common living room in the hostel.

The lyrically astouding score ensuite, brought tears to me eyes when Fauzia & Malik, the ahmoi & Malay dude embracing & passionately singing to each other -- Sayang.... Sayang....Sayang.... *ok I don't remember what were the words that came out after "sayang... sayang...". My sayang was glancing back at me and there.. *tissue please*

At the end of the show, of course there's a long-winded touching story behind it, this sayang went over to shake hand with Joe Hasham and Faridah Merican. Well, I'm not quite a PR person, its for me to know, that the musical striked a cord in my heart, and my eyes were still red when is the show is over. I guess when the performers saw me tearing up, they'd know how much I appreciated the show. I was seated only 5 rows away from the stage with my swollen eyes and wetty nose.

I appreciated so many aspect of the musical from the original score, to the talented vocals, to the passion in acting, to the fear and stir of audience emotions, to the detailed production... I would pay a hundred more ringgit to watch it again, bringing along as many friends and family as I could. The most important point to note about the musical, is the fact of history that was never covered in our school book, that was portrayed in the musical. I wonder why they'd not censored or disallow or caused a controversy with the brave portrayal of may13 1969 event.

Atleast I felt relieved to know my gal-friend who never bothered about politics, finally came to know know what actually happened in the may13 riot from this musical play. Politics had ruined the beautiful culturally-rich Malaysian Malaysia, but arts (and also football) could inspire us to dream for a beautiful vision and bring out the spark of patriotism within our heart.

I salute the entire director & producer, cast & crew, heart & soul that made Tunku the musical, so heart touching and pride brimming. Wonder what politicians would comment about this admirable ensemble....

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