Saturday, October 29, 2005

How to define Malaysia?

It is a multiracial country? Is it a land with many wonders and natural resources? Actually I dont know what is the answer. Somebody just prosed this question to me, and according to him "Malaysia is a multicultural country" is a wrong answer. Like there is something more to define about Malaysia.

But who has the right / correct answer? We see Malaysia as a brand "Truly Asia" in the tourism industry, does that applies to politics, history and socio-economy?

I am starting to get confuse myself, as to what Malaysia's vision is. What does Malaysian want to grow up to be? To be success in what aspect?

Malaysia do have a weird history. It is going to be so hard, if ever possible, for all Malaysians evolve into a 'Bangsa Malaysia', like it is only one race, with one synonymous culture or identity, would that mean losing our respective diverse plural cultures?

Yet, my unprocessed thought just visualize a 'dream' that Malaysia would be far better off in terms of social mentality, intellectual-inspired education system and narrowing the socio-economy gap of all people. Seems more like utopism. If only things are more simple, or if only I have more desire to gain more knowledge through reading.

Still wondering for answer.


Anonymous said...
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just another blogger said...

Came across your blog by chance :P

These are my personal views:
- I would prefer it if Malaysia is known as multicultural. To me, it's more beautiful to see everyone living together in harmony despite their differences than actually see all of them unite (amalgamation). I believe in pluralism.
- Maybe some would argue the melting pot would be the BEST thing to happen as it shows a higher level of acceptance, but I still think there is beauty in variety.

I wish everyone would just stop the bickering.

walterlando0405 said...
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