Sunday, May 01, 2005

A gift of the holy "Quran"

... speechless ... that's how I felt. I felt the sincerity KS was trying to shower me with. She's proud of her religion, she is a dutiful follower of Islam. On the last day of 2 year stint within the government department, I've grown to make friends with tudong-wearing Malays and seeing their way of life.

I accepted the 'special' token from Kak Sarah, and hopefully I'll keep it nicely. She'd specifically reminded to treasure the book with utmost respect. Do not simply place it anywhere. I guess this the same way I'd treat the Bible or the Buddhist books.

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." This saying I totally agree.

Utimately, as I'm not an avid reader, I know I wouldn't finish reading the Quran. Not in this buzzing life period. Maybe when I've developed 'powerful concentration technique', then I could patiently read through books, which to me is just like interpretation of an author's really long note. Yes, Quran or Bible, they're written by people, human beings.

Anyway, I'll give my thoughts about God in the future. For now, between Islam and Christianity, the basics are the same. If I have to had to choose, I'd probably relate to Islam more than Christianity. More so because of my creeps of my personal encounters with Christian people, where as I've never really been approached so aggressively by a Muslim to try to 'safe' me.

The world's interpretation of Islam is quite unlike how a sincere moderate Muslim would practise her religion. And I guess I have a problem with the higher class or better off people by and large, and in any football matches I'd probably support the underdog. That's just me.

I just felt that it's a wonderful experience knowing the people that I've been wanting to get to know all these while, through my 1st job. As I didn't have much chance in Uni days to mix with them. I'm refering to the typical Malays. Although there were some Malays back in school, but it was an urban school where everyone spoke English with each other, and the Chinese girls wore baru kurung and the Malay chicks do not wear the tudong.

I've never regretted my experience working in this mostly-Malays culture and I'm glad that I could fit in comfortably, and even improve on my verbal communication in Malay! (Ahem, I hardly spoken Malay in school you see).

Now if only I could make out what are the various Malay slangs: the Johor slang, the Kelantan slang or the 'pas-tu' Penang anak mimi slang.


Zulhabri said...

nice blog! it is good to see Chinese girls aka amoi among Malays guy to speak up on various issues..btw, how can i contact u?

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