Sunday, March 14, 2004

Race Politics

Race politics - Swinging Pendulum
(A stirrinng, passionate plea by a Malaysian girl that cuts into divisive politics.)

Dear ReEngineering Opposition (relevant reference below) ..and others.
I feel really sad reading (what you wrote) ... I'm a rookie in politics and I've only just began reading so much about opposition news through the net (as its no use reading the newspapers)...
But i really felt like crying when you say "forget about Malaysian Malaysia"... and I dun get it why the Chinese are being Islamic here by only thinking about making money.

All my years of studying hard in school and make sure I get a place in local university (knowing my parents cannot afford to send me overseas) leaves people like you think we're "thinking about making money".

I dunno to laugh or to cry...when I see the Malay students who din't have to study so hard, mostly cannot speak fluent English... they REALLY dont have to slog as hard as the laziest chinese girl on the block and YET still cruise through entrace for university.

At a time when I'm only a school kid, do not know much about politics nor care much for history, but holding a firm pride of being Malaysian - YET, I have to succumb to the heartwrenching truth that I'm not equal to my fellow Malaysians.

A lazy girl like me, why probably think last about making money... infact I'm such a contented person, I dun get it... READ MY WORDS, I CANNOT TAHAN (stand) MALAYSIA (the way it is now)!!!! WHY WHY WHY?!! Am I being an idealist for wishing for Malaysian Malaysia?

You know that's why I'm really inspired to vote for DAP becos of the leadership that seeks for the unchanging tune of Malaysian Malaysia. How difficult is it to realise this ultimate dream of mine, a Malaysian born & bred youngster?

I was so proud of myself, when I perform during Merdeka parade in school, I cheered for Malaysian badminton team for Thomas Cup finals as if I'm ONE with all the supporters in the stadium.

In fact, I do support Selangor football team. I mix with the awek in school (non-tudong wearing English speaking girls) pretty fine, and now at work in government department, I just blend in with the Malay staff fine, I call them akah.

I wish to see more Chinese & Indians blend in with the Malays, and let us all portray ourselves as respectable human beings, rather than isolating ourselves and not feeling at all SHAMEFUL on you adults out there.

My boss is an indian, I work fine under him. For Crying OUT LOUD, WHY cant my dream for Malaysia ever be achieved in my one and only life time?!

The dream for equality for all Malaysians, young and old at heart, ambitious or spiritual, speak english or not, eat halal or not, went to Mariah Carey concert or not, earn gaji buta or not, lazy or hardworking, smart or nut.... why cant we PROUDLY call ourselves MALAYSIANS?

I once admired my 1st year lecturer, who's a Malay but boast to be smartest Malay student in his form 5 year... I felt that for once I was truly fitted in class as a Malaysian.

His political philosophy is not of the ruling party, he wears the white cloth on his head like the PAS leader, but I see him as my most respectable lecturer.

He said, you Malay, you Chinese, you Indian... what is so different? When you take the knife and cut ur skin, the color of the dripping blood is the SAME COLOUR!

I wish I can find more people who think like me in this community that I live in. I am quite fed up of mixing just only people of my race all the time, and not having any channel for me to roam freely in this country, a place I call home.

How to talk about China, when I dont speak proper Mandarin? I think I speak more Malay than Chinese now due to my work. Just a simple question to all the Malays out there, can shake hands and be real friends?

I am writing to each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes, I wish I can form my own party, that could bring everyone together.

I guess this is too unrealistic, but a 1000 thousand miles journey begins with the first step. Maybe, my 1st step is to cast my one vote.

For a general election to come every 5 years is quite a long time to me. I'm just a kid, but I'm glad to know a forum like this existed that I could write freely... but I'm also sad to read all the "truth" that I found out about Malaysia that they never cover in the textbook in school.

And most of my Chinese friends are really like what most of you think, so shallow in politics, arguing with them is like banging your head on the wall.

Well, thank you very much for reading. Appreciate your feedback, hopefully I can take it and not feel more disappointed, but if it hurts, it's probably the truth.


(The relevant part what Reengineering Opposition had written:-)
The problem with the DAP is their philosophy (Malaysian Malaysia, socialism etc - don't believe please visit is only slightly younger than the Jurassic Age. They are not changing their thinking.
You can forget about 'Malaysian Malaysia.' What the Chinese want is the opportunities to make money and live a good happy life. The Chinese are being very Islamic here and we should all have the same Islamic ideas as the Chinese. As long as they are not disturbed and prevented from doing this, the Chinese are very happy.
So the DAP is way behind time. They dont even know what the Chinese want or what is important for the Chinese. Can someone forward this to the DAP website - bungaraya - I tried to get in but they blocked me off.)

Khalid Ibrahim : -
I read with interest that the Malays have made good progress abroad, especially in England. But one does not have to look so far as to see how Malays progress themselves.
Look at Singapore Malays. They have made tremendous progress. They have to compete with other races for their survival. They have no special "lorong" to the universities.
Their qualifications are at par with others and they are proud of their achievements. I have four children, three of them are university graduates and they had their education with my own many. I am proud of it.

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